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Spletna revija IBS Poročevalec je namenjena domačim in tujim znanstvenikom, raziskovalcem, strokovnjakom, študentom in praktikom na področjih mednarodnega poslovanja, trajnostnega razvoja, tujih jezikov in javne uprave. Najpomembnejši del IBS Poročevalca je objava recenziranih znanstvenih, raziskovalnih, strokovnih in poljudnih člankov, ki obravnavajo teme kot mednarodno poslovanje, trajnostni razvoj, organizacija, pravo, okoljska ekonomika in politika, trženje, raziskovalne metode, menedžment, korporativna družbena odgovornost in druga področja.


IBS Mednarodna poslovna šola Ljubljana

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2013 > Letnik 3, št. 1


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In this thesis I processed in detail the introduction of a new business function in Slovenia, which unites the areas of thematic organization of project activities and the simultaneous management of protocol events in the company.

In the forefront of the world we see an increase in innate and learned abilities and skills of individuals, which cannot be obtained by formal education. Due to suitable educational portfolio in the field of economics they can significantly contribute to the higher added value of working results of an individual and to the promotion of a relevant business organization.
Keywords: Corporate business event organizer & entertainer of events, SAAT technique, joint dialogue, intuition, lifelong learning.




The content is imaging the paradigm of the personal development sphere of knowledge, supported by many years of experience in the field of organizational surfaces of various project activities in detail, outlining the impulses, which are the driving force for success.

British psychologists already knew what they were saying when they suggested that even small children need to learn magic. From my own experience I know how magical is the formula of success through long-term exposure to trans-visualizing the remoteness of spirit, combined knowledge extracted by the principle of a self-taught person, initiative, skills and, consequently the key individual talent for a set of different professional directions gathered together in one job description. Involuntarily you are provoked by the distribution of life paths and the one who can really listen to intuition, without all the fillers and instant advice from influential society, can be a faithful follower of internal flashes, which are the award for blithely stubbornness.

Great opportunities in mastering art of disguise to seemingly insoluble problems have always been a challenge to otherwise-minded, so I want to take you into the world of my strategy where creativity knows no bounds. One's own maximum productivity is an unprecedented wealth that will pay off inside a healthy working environment, but one has to ask oneself how tremendous opportunities can contribute to the success of events, where we strive to strengthen loyalty and personal identification with the company's objectives. It is also crucial to note that a "one-man-band" man can more than adequately resist diverse range of organizational activities if he holds the management's trust. The company not only reduces the cost of extending the whole crew into uncoordinated team tandem of conflicting opinions, frictions and other discrepancies, but also contributes to the reputation and trendy rhythm of global development guidelines, which provide support for diversity. It is a welcome necessity.

The summaries based on personal observations, experience and achievements are very important factor here. I wish to underline where creativity holds no limit, namely, in the production of spontaneous ideas, communication skills and personal identification with achieving one's goals. Of vital importance is the finding what exactly defines the role of a corporate business event organizer & entertainer in the spectrum of heterogeneous organizing activities.

The power of setting an example to others is already an exceptional force, which significantly influences the effectiveness of business events worldwide. I have therefore indicated the increasing role and importance of implementing new job positions inside the big corporations in Slovenia with an emphasis both on their complexity of working tasks as well as on their functioning. This enables the organizations to become even more appreciated and focused on naturally talented individuals who might lack the necessary prescribed thesis of indigenous faculties but can surely never be forgotten by taking your audience on a hilarious interactive journey of impossibilities strictly driven by their own system of skills & personal growth attitude. The corporate business event entertainer needs to be involved in the heart of all big corporate events, so my presentation of his key objectives can become the base of sophisticated performances and psychological illusions with the dynamics of outstanding energy, which then reflect perfectly with the beliefs of close co-workers, as well as through the uniqueness of a human being in all its specifics.

This is important in creating new concepts and relationships, which the corporate business event entertainer brings into our professional life and business. When all four main objectives are fulfilled:

1. Your audience will start the show! They will open up.
2. Your event will be remembered and talked about as something special.
3. You and your guests will be masterfully entertained and engaged with a fast-paced, hassle-free, easily staged performance.
4. You will be confident to offer the entertainer who will leave the mark.

They simply know. They use body language, persuasion and the irresistible dogma of human behaviour to take your audience on a hilarious interactive journey of impossibilities. You can call it intuition or God-given talent. When you don't have to ask them how the "show" can be scheduled in different ways to complement and enhance your program and how the act be themed to strengthen your own conference or event messages. They carry Challenge of Mind & Heart! And you must only trust in him if you are the Manager or the one responsible for finances.

Is a more detailed presentation of the prescription of drivers for successful navigation in organizing themed events by an interesting comparison to role models from history a sufficient incentive to trust? Certainly! The art of posturing in terms of inspiration is a combination of indispensable factors, which through examples in practice prove to be welcome harbingers of changes in society and our perception of inherent approaches and understanding. What feeds the personal potential if he has a strong support of the responsible management? Where are the boundaries in new ventures? In my graphical displays (created tables, image-schedules) I advocate innovation and the so-called spirit of humility. The introduction of the so-called "Internal Tiny Stitch" (ITS bug) in large corporate systems is a necessity, as it encourages the participant's impulses for the movement of his own spirit. The American parish creates instant business with similar name features that impose identification with every vision of someone who would have expressed confidence, which is artificial and overly staged. When you succeed to overcome the established norms, the patterns of behavior in your own organizational sector of the company with new expressive hosting of events, you have laid the foundation for all that will follow.

The introduction is followed by an innovative analysis of the historical insight into internal drivers in order to create the foundation for a new job description, which needs to be implemented in organizations, which are daily faced with numerous diversity of projects and events. Its vividness follows also the dynamic concept of findings, by revealing their structures, tricky methodology, unexpected problems and achievements entirely supplemented with image finders and tables.

The role of corporate business event entertainer takes into account not only the symptoms, but also the age, habits, emotions and life-style of individuals, and he tries to build an overall picture. Being extraordinary and different with this job position can place constructive research duel over balance & harmony between your mind and body. I have presented the issues, which we face and an increasing awareness of real values that we are putting across. The misuse or abuse of one's internal resources was always a riddle to define the right guidelines for something, which is newly created. When you deal with capabilities and strong beliefs they need to be shown rationally and with concern. Therefore, the graphical reviews created by me lay great stress upon the necessity of a constructive dialogue between the two poles (the one that carries the task & the one who gives it). They need to be constantly upgraded with new theories, sustained efforts and diverse tasks.

In a survey of randomly selected people in Slovenia and abroad, in one way or another connected with the stage, I touch the field which is crucial, their satisfaction. How they estimate the effort and creativity of an unknown person who has limited time for the opportunity to interpret the contents of something? How to integrate even more the two poles in the future: the one judging and the other one running the whole concept? Where the dreams are actually allowed and where they are not? I present the feelings and observations of respondents in order to facilitate future work. The survey fortifies the view on further professionalism of corporate business event entertainers in Slovenia and their importance in mastering their working obligations at the highest possible quality level.

The critical analysis shows the progress and justification of applied means, future declarations and principal ideas with the emphasis on fair play dialogue. It can be said that we can forecast the result by a certain techniques of unexplored parts of our brain. And if we sustain this condition it will give new flashes, which reflect our expected reactions. These are the first steps concerning the popularisation of this job in Slovenia. This is the kind of independence, having free hands to be nothing short of brilliant.

The "lively manual" in front of you reveals the strength of the human dedication in a creative atmosphere. It shows how we can awaken diverse spheres of our interest by joining our beliefs. I hope you will enjoy it by reading as much as I did while creating it.

If you easily provide support to people, enjoy organizing, are willing to learn, flexible, and seek variety of challenges than you match the role. It is remarkable how much we can learn about our special skills by studying texts in dusty books, incomprehensible at first glance; at a very young age. At the age of 6 I already became attached to legendary icons of poetry, William Shakespeare and Lord George Gordon Noel Byron. A strange, but very true stimulation.

For example, scientists can look at the rings of trees and make educated guesses about the climate and growing conditions hundreds and even thousands of years ago. One of the things we learn from learning at a very early stage of childhood by self-taught principle is that during awareness when your perceptive impulses are unviolated and ideal, the talents grow at a rapidly magic rate. However, during seasons when your personal growth conditions are not ideal, inner stimulants will still maintain your growth in a proper way and you can devote the energy to the basic elements needed for your imagination to dwell on and on by raising new ideas, concepts or strategies. As for fun. Instinctively.

Not much competition in this field allows employers to place very soft demands on applicants and therefore a college education is not necessarily a valuable asset if you have proven to be a multi-talented special case that can be applied in any theme areas. Furthermore, diversified and experienced knowledge offers the opportunity to enhance constant development in the field of skill appearance on any world stage through the variety of quick courses, with a strong emphasis on communication skills and personal enthusiasm.
In the past years I helped to organize international events and assisted in numerous presentations, many times running the protocols and entertaining the audience with my so-called soft-touch appearance approach technique (shortly called SAAT).
Experience in marketing, sales, public relations, accounting, gastronomy and international bounding somehow merged into a very special working experience, which today helps me to support the business actions with all needed care and know where they are headed. Not taking work for granted like many do, but leaving the mark in each action. Engagement at various spheres of interest added greatly to my skills.

In primary school they taught us to do "all crucial things ..." in some sort of ordained and outdated rules of artificial wisdom and order; for it is not the requisite that we would run faster than in our future lives. But we are the ones that actually decide when to have the strength and it is expedient that we should be diligent and thereby ... win the prize. Diligently doing the things that matter most will lead to a new way of understanding them by those who are caught in their limited acceptations that nothing can surprise them anymore.

We learn from each other and we appreciate our differences as well as our common points. Strength comes not from frantic activity but from being settled on a firm foundation of truth and inner light to "fight". Then we can do the job 100% and please all expectations, which this job positions require.

Your main objective is being the focal point in organizing special events and executing such events live on stage as an interpreter in the most successful way for reaching marketing and social goals, but above all the promotional objectives of the relevant business organization.

What ultimately matters is that you prove you can do the job. Where and how you have learned these skills is irrelevant. Employers seek the right balance between experience, skills and particularly attitude, which includes attributes such as common sense, initiative, commitment, flexibility, inventiveness and a positive and willing approach. When qualifications and experience are equal among candidates, it is usually the 'attitude' that tips the balance in candidate's favour.
In my opinion the corporate business event entertainer & organizer should reach the following Education & Skill Qualifications:
• Bachelors in International Business Administration/Marketing;
• Diploma in Event Management/Languages
• Secret key component gained by yourself and in any case not by the education system

To throw a bone in order to reveal the third point, see connection with the extract from the Shakespeare's play As You like it (Act II, Scene 7). It shows how his famous speech, known as The seven ages of man, which proves the fact that we are running ourselves with unbelievable strength when needed, and in this job position you certainly require it all the time. To draw the line to the speech "All the world's a stage". I must pay attention to the way we act and present ourselves differently when we are with different people, thus different audiences. As Jaques'(s) famous speech suggests, man is defined by his ability to change and many of the characters in the play have physical, emotional, political or spiritual changes. These transformations are presented with ease and as such, Shakespeare suggests that man's ability to change is one of his strengths and choices in life. We need them constantly to refresh our wise ambitions.
I heard about many stories that science finds hard to explain. For example, people who can bend objects without touching them, people who can read the thoughts of others, people who have premonitions about future events, etc. Rational explanation for them is actually not needed.
From my experience of understanding the mysteries I found out that some of the biggest talents have arisen due to certain exposure to some awesome & shocking events in someone's life. The ability to memorize endless contents of sonnets or text, to have a strong sixth sense, awesome intuition, the exact prediction reflected out of a unique conception of dreams. Without this third attribute this profession does not have any perspective. It's a waste.

For a better creative insight into an extensive scope of multi-working area, I am drawing connection with the following table illustration:






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